Dentures & Partials in Roseville, CA to Complete your Smile

When it comes to your teeth, you shouldn’t be missing anything. If you’re suffering from tooth loss, dentures or partials can help restore your smile. Whether you need to replace all of your teeth, or just a few, this cosmetic dental service can make your smile look beautiful and natural.

Your Roseville dentist, Dr. Ronny Rasi, will work with you to rebuild your smile and overall dental health, giving you the self-confidence to smile proudly at everyone you meet. Dr. Rasi offers affordable denture options for all of his Roseville patients, ensuring all patients have the opportunity to improve their oral function and health.  Solutions to Missing Teeth

Types of Dentures

Dentures are defined as a removable replacement for missing teeth, while a partial is used when some of the patient’s natural teeth remain. For patients who qualify for dental implants, there is the option of implant-supported dentures and partials. These enhanced restorations offer a more secure solution for missing teeth that won’t slip or need to be removed for cleaning. Implant-supported solutions make it easier to enjoy your favorite foods, and help preserve your healthy jaw bone and teeth. 

Getting Dentures in Roseville

We provide quality dentures and partials at our Roseville dental office. In addition to traditional and implant supported dentures, Dr. Rasi offers Laser Dentistry for your gums to help create a more attractive cosmetic look. These procedures may include a gingivectomy if necessary, which will contour your gum line for a more aesthetic smile. 

See Your Life Improve 

Dentures and partials do more for you than improve your smile- they also improve your overall dental and physical health! Dentures help improve your bite, limit digestive problems, make it possible to eat most foods, and allow you to speak clearly. By rebuilding your smile and oral health, you will be reclaiming confidence into your daily life. 

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If you’re looking for cosmetic options for your smile, and want to replace missing teeth, call us for an appointment today! Dr. Rasi offers comprehensive care and a full line of denture options in a warm, caring environment at his Roseville dental office.


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