Family Dental Care

The dental office of Dr. Ronny Rasi welcomes everyone from children to seniors. We offer a wide range of treatments catered to your individual needs, whether you need preventive or restorative care. Schedule a consultation with our team today, and discover your family’s dental care office in Roseville, CA.

Early Prevention: The Best Defense

Routine examinations using state-of-the-art equipment allow us to detect issues and predict the development of a patient’s oral health. Receiving a cleaning every six months removes tartar buildup that routine brushing and flossing cannot address.

Patients especially susceptible to cavities and decay can receive advanced preventive care, such as sealants and fluoride treatment. Sealants protect teeth using a thin plastic coating that covers deep fissures and prevents debris from accumulating in hard-to-reach areas. Fluoride is an essential component in remineralization, a process teeth go through to build and strengthen enamel.

Restorations and Repairs

As we age, so do our teeth. After a lifetime of wear and tear, your smile may need extensive maintenance. Replacing teeth and restoring the structure of teeth broken over time will preserve the overall longevity of your smile. Since decay left untreated can spread throughout a dental system, it is important to eliminate such abnormalities and restore the overall anatomical structure.

We offer an array of restorative treatments, including:

Crowns restore the structure of a damaged or treated tooth

Bridges fill gaps and replace missing teeth

Dentures replace entire arches of teeth using a prosthetic

Dental implants are prosthetic roots placed directly into the jaw to stabilize prosthetics

Root canal therapy may be necessary to eliminate decay that has penetrated the enamel

Gum grafting can be administered to bolster jawbone health in anticipation of dentures or dental implants.

We take our patients’ esthetic into full consideration while conducting restorative procedures. This ensures that treatments are customized to each unique case. Individuals benefit from our meticulous attention to detail with high-quality, reliable restorative dental care.

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For a smile to last a lifetime, proper care from a professional is needed to uphold good-standing health at all times. Preventing issues and responding to complications is key to keeping a smile shining from childhood to retirement. Call our practice and schedule a consultation to go over your family’s dental care options today.


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