Preventive Dentistry from Ronny Rasi, D.D.S.

The key to a healthy, lasting smile is preventing dental issues before they occur. Preventive dental care is the best way to protect your teeth, and keep your mouth healthy. Dr. Ronny Rasi, a Roseville cosmetic and family dentist, works with his patients to improve their oral health by educating them on preventive measures and treatments so they can stop dental problems from occurring. 

Prevention Methods and EquipmentRoseville Dentist

When you come in for routine cleanings and exams, our hygienists will gauge your present overall dental health by evaluating your gums for periodontal disease, and performing a visual oral cancer screening and will continue these screenings as a routine part of every dental exam.

We use a DIAGNOdent© laser to check for decay in its earliest stages. This method of early detection allows us to treat the issue before it progresses. For patients with periodontal disease, our hygienists perform dental scaling and root planing, and use ultrasonic scalers (Cavitron©) to break apart plaque with high-frequency vibrations and water. This method of treatment is much more effective than traditional scaling tools. To maintain healthy gums, patients with gum disease will return for maintenance cleanings three to four times each year.

Dr. Rasi uses many preventive treatments in his Roseville dental practice, including:

  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Sealants 
  • Mouth/Sports/Snore Guards (to treat bruxism, severe snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ)
  • Retainers 

Your Comfort Matters

Dr. Rasi wants all of his patients to feel comfortable and relaxed when they are in his and uses the “Onset Approach” and Onset Mixing Pen by OnPharma©. The Onset Approach is a gentle method for local anesthetic delivery and the Mixing Pen maximizes your comfort during anesthetic application. In addition to these methods, we also use a topical gel to improve your dental experience.

Have sensitive teeth? Not a problem. We offer desensitizers that reduce tooth sensitivity during cleanings, making your experience more enjoyable. 

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